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Traditional Golf Club Management

Our Approach

"Successful Golf  Course Management Requires a Unique Blend of Strategic Planning and Operations Experience"

Christovich and Associates specializes in providing management and consulting to golf course owners for all aspects of golf course operations.  Our company specializes in assessing club operations and prescribing and implementing  action plans to restore financial viability.  Our focus and attention to detail in all aspects of the operation are second to none.  Initial tasks will include:

  • Quickly identifying the challenges and opportunities at the club
  • Immediately communicate our vision, mission and priorities to club, staff, members, frequent players and the community at-large.
  • Developing a budget that addresses the most critical operating and capital resources necessary to restore and maintain value (within the first 45 days).
  • Appointing and re-training of personnel to implement the necessary operating plan to rapidly grow top-line revenues and achieve desired financial results.
  • Provide frequent and thorough reporting to the club so you can be assured that the entire process is on track and on target as it relates to the approved business plan.

Our Company

Our principals have as much or more experience in golf operations than any other company in the industry, and we have a proven track record of successful course and facility management in varying markets around the country.

What separates us from others:

  • A commitment to recruiting, inspiring, motivating and incentivizing our property level managers and staffs to achieving the desired results.
  • Undertaking a dedicated effort to rebuild the club’s image and involvement in the community to restore credibility and create a positive image in the neighborhood and business community.
  • Identifying and achieving the precise positioning for the club’s operational goals.
  • Addressing every potential obstacle through a comprehensive internal process, whether it be physical, environmental or otherwise, to achieve a profitable operation.

Our Resources

  • We provide a full range of services that include operational management, agronomic  oversight, accounting, marketing and detailed reporting procedures.
  • We handle all employment matters; provide institutional-quality budgeting, business planning and financial reporting; and insure that golf course turf, infrastructure and all other assets are protected.
  • We have a special subsidiary to handle liquor licenses (if applicable) and a nationwide umbrella insurance policy through one of the leading golf course insurance providers.
  • Our organized and full-service approach minimizes your distraction from your core business, while our experts concentrate on maximizing the profitability of the club.


  • Our principals have been responsible for operational support and supervision of over 100 golf courses, country clubs and resorts.
  • You are guaranteed Senior Management involvement at all times

Success Stories

  • Glen Flora Country Club, Waukegan Illinois, operational turnaround
  • Sea Trail Golf Resort and Conference Center, rescued from bankruptcy, Sunset Beach North Carolina
  • Bermuda Run Country Club, Bermuda Run, North Carolina, operational turnaround
  • Retained by new owners of three managed properties in the past year

Summary of Qualifications

Christovich and Associates, LLC
Golf Course Management and Operational Services


Business Planning
Competitive Market Study
Review and Analysis of Financial History
Annual Business Plan & Annual Budget
Capital Improvement (and funding) Plan
Strategic Planning
Marketing and Community Relations
Marketing, Media and PR Strategies
Web Sites and E-Mail Marketing
Community Involvement and Outreach
Alliances with reciprocal neighboring clubs, hotels
Golf Wholesalers and Tour Operators
C&A Employs all Club Personnel
Employee benefits
Payroll Functions
Employee Handbooks
Club Policies and Procedures
Clubhouse and Restaurant 
Member and guest Service Standards and Training
Ala Carte Restaurant Operations
Banquets, Weddings and Similar Functions
Building Operations and Maintenance
Golf Course Maintenance   
Course Evaluation & Detailed Agronomic Plan
Written Course Maintenance Standards
Oversight of Daily Maintenance Operations
Regular Agronomic Inspections
Equipment Assessment & Replacement Plan
Group Purchasing of Equipment and Supplies
Major Capital Projects ($50,000 or more)
Development of Budgets and Timetables
Coordination of Project Planning
Coordination of Project Team (architects, engineers)
Oversight of plans, specifications and bid documents
Coordination of bid process and contractor selection
Liaison with Contractors, Construction Manager and Client
Golf Operations
Member and guest Service Standards and Training  
Pro Shop Merchandising
Outings, Tournaments and Leagues
Golf Instruction, Including Junior Golf Programs
Membership Development
Coordination of Membership Documents
Membership Development & Marketing
Sales Training 
Member Relations, Events

Accounting & Finance
(Pending further discussion and whether or not is your intent to maintain day-to-day accounting functions on-site with existing staff)
Monthly Income Statement Review and Reconciliation
Weekly & Monthly Management Reviews
Monthly Cash Flow Forecasts
Daily & Weekly Sales Reports          
Payroll & Human Resources Management
Payables and Receivables (review and assistance as needed)
Cash Control Procedures and Daily Cash Management
Inventory Management and control procedures

Other Included Services
Frequent Client Meetings and Communications
Regular Property Inspections
“Secret Shopper” Programs
Group Plan for Property/Casualty Insurance
National Buying Groups
Management Training for Key Staff Members


Christovich and Associates is a registered corporation in the State of Florida, is fully ensured and bond-able, and has a sound financial history (and is debt free).  The company’s ownership and executive team has an impeccable credit history and industry background.  The education, experience, and proven track record of the company and its representatives are of the highest caliber in the industry.